Over the years, Ahmadistudio has been able to diversify his style according to projects: from classic to modern, showing a strong attention to customer requirements, to the surrounding environment and to the climatic conditions in which to work.

With a office in Rome and one in Tehran, Ahmadistudio experience merges innovation and multidisciplinary competencies, focusing on the improvement of the environment, both from a natural and built point of view. Integrated design is the core method. The concepts are supported by creative and talented minds, paying particular attention to changes and to innovative technologies. 

From the words of his founder, Arash Ahmadi, is possible to understand the philosophy:

“You have to imagine a project as a whole, see it in its entirety; each element is not left to chance but designed to generate a feeling of warmth, elegance and at the same time functionality.

If the taste is subjective, rationality and functionality of a building are objective and around them we must draw the chest that better reflects the taste of those who commission, in harmony with the environment “

Arash Ahmadi

Arash Ahmadi

Architect Arash Ahmadi was born in Macerata (Italy) on November 12, 1979, from Italian mother and Iranian father.

After graduating from University La Sapienza in Rome, he has taught at the same university for five years at the technology of constructions and interior design courses. He also achieved, always at La Sapienza in Rome, a Ph.D. in urban planning.

In 2009 he left teaching to concentrate on the architectural profession in which he is engaged.

The important projects taken in Iran during the last years led him to open a studio in Tehran.

His efforts are involved in both public and private projects concentrated mainly in the luxury sector.

Arash Ahmadi