Workplace 3.0: Complicity

AHMADI STUDIO chose two traditional Iranian elements that, since ancient times, have joined the east of the world in work and in private: the bazaar and the garden.

In a society like ours where time seems to go faster every year and everything suddenly changes, the references of people jumps both in work and in everyday life. The need to have a reference, roots, serves to provide security and an intimate confidence in the work environment, requirements that allow you to be productive and proactive.

We need to imagine a work place in continuous evolution that funds in a unique the confidential and the social sphere. Seemingly opposite aspects but satisfy both the conflicting requirements for changing nature of the places and people’s safety.

The need for a flexible space assumed a symbolic construction that can change depending on the different temporal and spatial requirements. To answer this contrasting need the EST pavilion was inspired by two spaces of Iranian culture: the garden and the bazaar. The Persian garden, family and essential element of Persian homes, place of rest and serenity, integrates, through rules and unique patterns, with the independence and spontaneity of nature. These patterns are projected silently height integrating with the lines and forms of the bazaar, historically place of exchange and discussion which, through different materials, colors and techniques, reflects the dynamism and variability of society and work.

The exhibition has its fulcrum in a fixed element, a whirlpool, synthesis of the schemes both in plan and in section of the garden and the bazaar. This central element of the pavilion represents the nature within a vortex that expands in height and extends in all surrounding environments giving a sense of movement and thus responding to the need of belonging, creating a sense of dynamism and intimate happiness that, through small display, it allows you to customize individual natural and cultural references.

The title chosen to represent the EST pavilion is Ham-Dasti, Iranian word for complicity. Ham-Dasti literally means hand in hand, and is with this idea of sharing and mutual respect that we imagine the working space of the future. Characterized by dynamism space, sharing, belonging and Confidence.

The decision to use Iranian symbols arises from the fact that this West Asian country has always played a central role as a crossroads of routes between East and West. Not surprisingly, the famous silk road in Iran was double as to creat an important communications network throughout the World EST.

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