Salone 2017: A success for A Joyful sense at Work

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the acknowledged international benchmark event for the furnishing and design sectors is just concluded.  The 56 Edition of Salone, has shown a very hight quality products and confirmed itself as a global platform for truly top-notch products with the emphasis on innovation has shown many innovative ideas. The working biennal edition of Salone is called Workplace3.0 and this year hosted the exhibit “A Joyful Sense at Work”, curated by Architect Cristiana Cutrona who wanted to give form and life to the latest theories of office product and workspace design. The  purpose of A Joyful Sense at Work is to breathe new life into the theory of office and workplace design by setting its sights squarely on people, in terms of their needs, emotions and experiences. Within an area of around 1,600 m2, A Joyful Sense at Work showcases this new concept of the workplace by creating a piazza virtually split into three areas according to purpose: the Concentration area; the Sharing area and the Creative area which converge in a large central piazza, a place for opportunities and exchange. Four international architectural firms have been invited to interpret the happy sense of work thought “an installation within an installation”: These four firms represent the four cardinal points of the world:West, East, North and South. The architectural firm were: Studio O+A (USA), Ahmadi Studio (Iran), UNStudio + SCAPE (Holland) Studio 5+1AA (Italy).

This assignment is for AhmadiStudio an important confirmation of the deep connection and relation with Italy. By the words of the founder of the Studio, Arash Ahmadi, we can understand better how this “connection” was awarded during the fair. “We had a good feedback from people from around the world who have visited our pavilion. I had interviews with international magazines and high-level professionals. It has been a pleasure to share with international level studios ideas and projects. I am fully satisfied with the success of our pavilion and the Salone exhibition which recorded an increase of attendance”.

Ahmadi Studio has come up with an adaptive and constantly evolving workspace, capable of bringing the personal and social spheres together. The title of the project, Ham-Dasti, Iranian word for complicity, underscores the assumptions underpinning the workplace of the future, in which dynamism, sharing, belonging and confidence create a working environment in which everybody can feel at ease. Arash Ahmadi has drawn inspiration from two iconic Iranian spaces: the Persian garden, an intimate and private space, and the bazaar, a place of exchange and discussion. The centrepiece of the installation – split into four micro-areas, welcoming, meeting, working and private – is a fixed element representing nature inside a vortex that expands upwards and extends throughout the spaces, generating a sense of belonging and a powerful connection between man, work and nature.

Salone 2017: A success for A Joyful sense at Workahmadi

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