Olympic Shooting Complex

Olympic Shooting Complex

The first objective of the project was to safeguard the territory, trying to impact the less as possible the area, while respecting the dimensions of international standard sports facilities. The morphology of the area, with his hills and streams, have made particularly complex the work and required a redevelopment of the area. The general approach was dictated by two main factors: the energy efficiency of buildings than the exposure of the weather and the historical urban Omani tradition. The references to the ancient Fort and traditional villages is total, with a modern reinterpretation. Being a highly qualified sports complex many collaborations and verifications have been carried out, from the International Federation of shooting to the many international experts. This project when completed in its entirety will not only be one of the most important complexes of the World for shooting, but also a real town, complete with all the services, almost completely independent like the housing, the medical center, the mosque, the VIP lounge and the administrative building. Even the transport system has been studied since, few vehicles will have the authorization to enter, visitors, staff and all residents will use electric vehicles made available from the complex. This project represents the first of three phases which will subsequently realized a complex of international level for riding, an artificial water reserve at the service of the whole area and finally a touristic complex.




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